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More than an Itch

November 2020

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Due to the chronic nature of eczema, design is not in a position to cure it. However, we can address the emotional symptoms through critical artefacts.

There was an opportunity to prompt conversations about eczema between affected and unaffected adults to promote empathy and awareness. 

I have designed a travelling public installation. It is a collection of provoking artefacts. These artefacts are based on the physical sensations of eczema. They are extreme and unsafe to use. They are intended to spark conversation. They are meant to shock unaffected adults. These artefacts help those affected by eczema compare and reflect on their own experiences.

This exhibit can travel to places where young adults congregate, such as galleries, University courtyards, and public gathering spaces, e.g. Aotea Square.

The participant begins by scratching a scratchie card. This reveals 3 different quotes. Each quote relates to a different box. You then peep into the physical box, which matches the quote theme. Inside each box are confronting artefacts.

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Zora Best Award Image 4.jpg
Zora Best Award Image 6.jpg
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Zora Best Award Image 7.jpg

"If I wasn't squeezing tears out of my eyes, I was secreting gunk out of my eyelids."

Zora Best Award Image 8.jpg

"The Eczema on my scalp gets really bad, lots of liquid comes out of this spot."

Zora Best Award Image 9.jpg

"I'd wake up in a sea of skin flakes and a wet, bloody bed."

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