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June 2019


Macpac tasked us to design a product to 'Enhance the Wilderness Experience'.

One out of ten people says that packing and unpacking is the most time-consuming part of the whole camping trip.

Packing into a traditional backpack denies the user from being able to visualise everything at a glance.

There was an opportunity to design a systemised backpack for outdoor gear that is versatile and simple to use.

To assist you throughout your wilderness experience to streamline your packing and unpacking process.

Untitled_Artwork 24.png

Nionyn is a backpack that opens flat and hangs up.

The sections are onion bags, as they’re capable of holding heavy weight. To open the backpack, you unclip the front, roll out the top, and unzip along the sides and base of the bag. The experience doesn’t start when they are outdoors. It begins when preparing for the adventure.

When fully open, you can lay it out on the ground or can hang it up. Forgetting an item for the experience can bring it down. But this allows the user to see all their contents at a glance while packing. It will be unlikely to forget necessities.

When the user sets up camp, they can hang it on a tree to see their items. They wouldn’t need to dig to find something.

When the user arrives back home, they may not be up to unpacking. They can hang it up without the pressure to unpack it and take whatever they need as they go. It can act as an everyday storage bag when not used on a trip.

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